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Rod Kuecker
Posted on the 2021-12-09 at 16:50

I have great memories of my time at Conant. Fun basketball games and coke dances afterward. Some amazing people that I will always remember as well a some incredible teachers. Being introverted until my Senior year it took some great teachers to reach me.  Conant was sincerely inclusive before it became politically correct.  Favorite teachers were Mrs. Panula in Algebra and Mr. Charles (Charlie) Feutz-Athletic Director who also drove my bus for 4 years.  I will always remember Mr. Feutz for his wisdom and caring disposition.  I will always be grateful for his council.


*Note: This was originally published on the old website on 7/11/2021

Julius Sacco
Posted on the 2021-12-09 at 16:47

Although many years and life events have separated us.  I do have fond memories of all the trials and tribulations we went through together.  I am saddened  by the classmates we lost and happy for the great times locked in my mind of our early years. Don't know if you remember building the freshman float at my house on Washington but my mom talked about it for many years and how our class had such fun at our house.  I look forward to seeing all of you in September Your friend always Julius


*Note: This was originally published on the old website on 5/9/2021