Class Events

This is our class event page that will keep you posted of official class and site events.

You can also arrange your own get togethers such as an impromptu online chat outside our normal monthly live chat sessions, maybe arrange a golf outing with whoever wants to join or perhaps an informal get together for a few drinks with whoever wants to drop in at a designated local establishment.

Current Events

Rob Fullone's Band Playing!

When:  June 11, 2022

Time:  6:30 p.m.

Where:  Quarry Bar, Lemont, IL

Come early to watch the kid's bands.
We play 45-50 minutes- Beatles, Cream, Deep Purple, Hendrix, ZZ Top; a smattering of new songs-Justin Bieber, Harry Styles.

Come on out with friends! 


Please submit the form below to create your own event. It will be forwarded to us and once it has been received, we will enter it onto this page.