James B. Conant High School Class of 1971
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James B. Conant High School Class of 1971 - In Memory of
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Forever young.......in memory of our dear classmates who have passed away. Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing but celebrate how they touched our lives.  Each source for the posting of a classmate who has passed away is from one or more of our classmates sent to us in writing or verified by us to be genuine.  If the notice received is verbal, or in writing from other than a classmate sending us a notice via the 'Missing Classmate Info', by email to a committee member or postal mail (unless we can document the accuracy immediately, such as from a family member known to us), we have made a reasonable attempt to verify the received information.  If we are mistaken or have been misinformed by a classmate, we apologize in advance and we will take immediate action to remove any classmate listed as having passed away upon written notice.  If any family member of a classmate who has passed away objects to this posting, please notify us and we will remove their photo and name from our website.  

Please Note: This site only allows us to enter the date of posting when we first learn that one of our classmates passed away. Unfortunately, it does not allow for entering the actual date of passing.  We thank everyone for their contribution to this most solemn area of our website and we send our condolences to all who have been touched by one of our classmates who have passed away, especially their families.

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Harry Van Cott
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2358

James Arnold
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2721

Jeff Goldapske
Posted By: Susi Schuele
Views: 1323

Jeffrey Kalbach
Posted By: Susi Schuele
Views: 1303

Joan McNaughton
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 741

Joanne Schieler
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1905

Joseph Kloc
Posted By: Susi Schuele
Views: 1014

Judy Bibo
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 260

Kirby Lee
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1550

Linda Coughlin
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1407

Mary Monaco
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1609

Michael Hayes
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1950

Mike Ralston
Posted By: Susi Schuele
Views: 984

Nancy Saunders
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1794

Pam Fitzjerrells-Reed
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1667

Randall Smith
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1714

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